Our Story

How It All Started

I am incredibly inspired by nature, modern art, and the simplistic but greatness in geometric patterns when it comes to design. 

I started this small business in October of last year as a way to share my love for craft. Since I was young, I have always been drawn to style and fashion, especially when I came across everyday objects that struck me as unique and timeless.

Life has allowed me to take on endeavors and adventures such as traveling to different parts of the world where I was able to experience first hand diverse aesthetics and styles. Now, I am trying to create my own individual style, which is embodied by the unique statement pieces that I incorporate into my surroundings and wardrobe.

I discovered a passion for jewelry while working alongside my uncle, who is a master jeweler and owns an established jewelry business - this was the turning point where I no longer only LOVED jewelry but wanted to create a vision and share this passion.

- Sydni Banh, founder